Manually uninstalling MapInfo Pro

Sometimes the normal method of uninstalling MapInfo Pro (Control Panel > Programs and Features) fails for various reasons.
Note: users may wish to engage their IT department for these procedures, as the registry is edited.

Here's how this can be accomplished (for 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro).

First backup any custom files needed that may have been placed in the MapInfo\Professional folder, as that folder will be deleted.
Before manually uninstalling Pro, try this first:
Use regedit and then (for 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro) navigate to
Then go to Edit > Find and search for "mapinfo" until you find the desired entry in the registry:
User-added image

Users will see an entry for an uninstall string....
double-click on the entry and copy the complete entry to your clipboard:

String looks like this:
MsiExec.exe /I{E85BA515-FA5A-4D77-8EB3-A928F17EDE3B}

Now use Windows search to enter that full string and hit enter in the hopes that Pro will now uninstall as desired.

If Pro still does not uninstall, then it must be manually uninstalled...

If NOT re-installing on same PC, transfer the Pro license back to PB first.
In MapInfo Pro, go to  Pro > Licensing > Transfer a License and follow the prompts.
No need to transfer license if re-installing on same machine.

In Windows Explorer:
Navigate to where Pro is installed and delete the Professional folder and any subfolders or files. 
Delete the version-specific folder (i.e. 1600 for Pro 16.0, etc.) found at
C:\Users\user login name\AppData\Local\MapInfo\MapInfo\Professional\1600
C:\Users\user login name\AppData\Roaming\MapInfo\MapInfo\Professional\1600

Launch Regedit and delete these registry entries (for 64-bit versions of Pro):

To remove the MapInfo Pro entry in Control Panel > Programs and Features,
launch Regedit and go to
Then go to Edit > Find and search for "mapinfo" until the desired entry in the registry isfound:
Once found,  that entry from the Uninstall folder can be deleted - this should remove the MapInfo Pro entry at Control Panel.> Programs and Features

MapInfo Pro should now be completely uninstalled.
Note: Uninstalling does not affect any prerequisites that Pro installed such as Access Drivers, C++ libraries and .NET

UPDATED:  August 15, 2019