Can we import the raster data from a ESRI Geodatabase in MapInfo Pro?

Product Affected: MapInfo Pro
Product Feature: Tools/3rd Party Plugins

MapInfo Pro uses third party tool (FME) to access GDB files and only supports vector files inside GDB folder.
So, even if there is vector and raster data inside the GDB folder, MapInfo Pro will only load up the vector data via Universal Translator under Tool Extensions or Home>Open Universal Data.

In order to read in raster data from a ESRI Geodatabase, the user would need FME Desktop and an ArcGIS license installed on their machine.
User may use FME to import their raster files or even extend the additional FME formats within MapInfo Pro.

The following link explains which licensing level of FME users would require to access each part of ESRI data formats.

UPDATED:  September 5, 2017