Supported data formats in MapInfo Pro

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro
As of MapInfo Pro™ 16, here are the the supported file formats in MapInfo Pro:
  • ACCDB – Microsoft Access 2007 or later files
  • CSV – Comma Delimited files
  • DBF – dBASE DBF files
  • MDB – Microsoft Access files
  • TAB – MapInfo .TAB files (includes MapInfo Extended – Type NATIVEX)
  • Raster image files – (*.bil, *.sid, *.gen, *.adf, *.img, *.ntf, *.ecw, *.url, *.tif, *.grc, *.bmp, *.gif, *.tga,
  • *.jpg, *.pcx, *. jp2, *.j2k, *.png, *.psd, *.wmf, *.emf, *.map)
  • SHP – ESRI Shapefiles
  • TXT – Delimited ASCII files
  • WKS – Lotus 1-2-3 files (*.wk1, *.wks, *.wk3, *.wk4)
  • WOR – MapInfo workspace files
  • MWS – MapInfo workspace files
  • XLS – Microsoft Excel files
  • XLSX – Microsoft Excel 2007 or later files
  • Grid images – (*.adf, *.flt, *.txt, *.asc, *.img, *.dem, *.dt0, *.dt1, *.dt2, *.mig, *.grd). This release does not support .XLSM and .XLSB Excel files.
  • GPKG – GeoPackage files

Note: Grid Format Direct Support: The following grid handlers support direct read of DEM-USGS Text (.dem); GTOPO30 (.dem) and DTED levels 1, 2, 3 (.dt0, .dt1, .dt2). These grid handlers are read-only; they cannot be used to create grid files during the Create Grid Thematic interpolation process.

Importing File Formats

You can import the following file formats into MapInfo Pro using the Universal Translator (on the HOME tab, point to Open and click Universal Data. From the Specify Data Source dialog, click Browse the gallery to open the FME Reader Gallery dialog.):
  • Autodesk AutoCAD DWG/DXF (.dxf, .dwg) — up to AutoCAD rel 2013
  • Bentley MicroStation Design 7 (.dgn)
  • Bentley MicroStation Design 8 (.pos, .fc1, .dgn)
  • ESRI ArcInfo Export (.e00)
  • ESRI Geodatabase (File GeoDB API) (.gdb)
  • ESRI Geodatabase (Personal Geodatabase) (.mdb)
  • GML (Geography Markup Language) (.gml, .xml, .gz)
  • Google Earth KML (.kmz, kml)
  • OS MasterMap Database – Supports Cadcorp OS MasterMap Database data.
  • OS VectorMap District – Reader supports GML data in OS VectorMap District format.
  • OS VectorMap Local – Reader supports GML data in OS VectorMap Local format.
  • Spatial Data Transfer Standard, such as TR01CATD.DDF (*CATD.DFF)
  • Vector Product Format (VPF) Coverage, such as POAREA.AFT, POLINE.LFT, POPOINT.PFT (.*ft)

You can import the following file formats into MapInfo Pro on the HOME tab by selecting Open and then pointing to Import:
  • DXF – The graphic/data interchange format (DXF) for AutoCAD and other CAD packages
  • GML – OS MasterMap format
  • GML, XML – Geographic Markup Language (GML) 2.1
  • IMG – A file format for MapInfo Pro for DOS image files
  • MBI – MapInfo Pro Boundary Interchange format (MBI) An ASCII file for MapInfo DOS boundary files.
  • MIF – MapInfo Pro Interchange Format (MIF) MapInfo Pro’s data interchange format (ASCII file format).
  • MMI – MapInfo DOS MMI

Note: You can download raster handlers for NIMA formats such as ADRG, CADRG, ASRP, CIB, USRP, and NITF formats from the Pitney Bowes Inc. website or get them from the Installation DVD.

MapInfo Pro imports graphics and textual information from MapInfo Pro Interchange Format, DXF, MBI, and MMI files. MapInfo Pro imports only graphics from IMG.

Supported Raster Image File Formats

The following are the Raster image file formats that MapInfo Pro supports:
  • ADF – ArcInfo coverage Data File (ADF)
  • ASC – ASCII text file
  • BIL – Satellite Pour l'Observation de la Terre (SPOT) satellite images Spot Image Formats 1.5 and 4.0: 8 Bit Gray, Format 1.5, 8 Bit Gray, Format 4.0, 24 Bit Color, Format 1.5, 24 Bit Color, Format 4.0
  • BIP – Band Interleaved by Pixel
  • BSQ – Band Sequential
  • BMP – Windows bitmap (BMP) Monochrome: 8 Bit Color, 24 Bit Color
  • DAT – Datum, contain data in text or binary format
  • DEM – Digital Elevation Model
  • DT0, DT1, DT2 – Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) Level 0, 1, and 2
  • filename.* – Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphic (CADRG) format
  • filename.* – Controlled Image Base (CIB) format
  • ECW – Enhanced Compression Wavlet (ECW) format handler by ER Mapper
  • EMF – Enhanced Metafile Format
  • ERS – European Remote Sensing

For more formats please refer the the MapInfo Pro User Guide - Page 97 
UPDATED:  September 11, 2017