Is there a maximum number of input records that be can process in one job using the List or Presort products

Products affected: All Presort List products 
Product Feature: General
Operating System: All Platforms

The software itself does not have a maximum number of records in an input file that can be processed.  The limit would be based on hardware resources.  The machine the software is being run on is has enough resources to handle a larger file.
Presort products include: 
MailStream Plus™, Mail360 Manager, Mail360 Server,  Mail360 Data Manager/EngageOne Delviiery Audit and Tag Print System II™

List Products include:
Business Merge/Purge and Plus, Consumer Merge/Purge and Plus, EZ Case Plus, Generalized Selection and Plus, I/O-JET Plus, Label Printing Plus, List Conversion and Plus, Merge/Purge Plus 
UPDATED:  July 10, 2019