How to create polylines from a series of points using MapBasic?

Product Affected: MapBasic
Product Feature : General
Users wishing to create polylines from a series of points using MapBasic can use the the below MapBasic statement:

Create Pline
        [ Into { Window window_id | Variable var_name } ]
        [ Multiple num_sections ]
        num_points ( x1, y1 ) ( x2, y2 ) [ ... ]
        [ Pen... ]
        [ Smooth ] [ Priority n ] [ Name framename ]

where window_id is a window identifier.
var_name is the name of an existing object variable.
num_points specifies how many nodes the polyline will contain.
num_sections specifies how many sections the multi-section polyline will contain.
each x, y pair defines a node of the polyline.
The Pen clause specifies a line style.
n is an integer value indicating the Z-Order value of objects (frames) on the Layout window.
framename is a string representing the name for this item in a Layout window.

Refer the below MapBasic Reference Guide Page 274 for more details.

UPDATED:  September 13, 2017