How to find and edit the file that stores the MapInfo Pro preferences

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro
Selected preferences in MapInfo Pro™ are stored in the following files "MapInfow.prf", "MapInfoPro.pref", "Preferences.xml". These files can be found in the following user-specific location: "C:\Users\UserFolder\AppData\Roaming\MapInfo\MapInfo ",

Note: You cannot write to these preference files directly; all editing must be done within MapInfo Pro. 

Can the files be copied to other users?

Assuming all users have the same version of MapInfo Pro, users can start MapInfo Pro and set desired preferences such as Start Up Preferences, printer size, orientation, etc. When you exit MapInfo Pro, the preferences are saved to the files mentioned above. These files can be copied to other user's equivalent directory prior to launching the Application and those preferences will be used when MapInfo Pro launches.
UPDATED:  September 20, 2017