How to use the getFileHTTPs.exe command to get information on the Daily Delete file in VeriMove

Products  Affected:  Verimove
Operating System:  Windows
Enter the following command to return information about the Daily Delete file:
  • getFileHTTPs.exe <User ID> <Password> dailydelete -ascii –info
The results should be as follows:

getfileHTTPs - Version X.X.X

Logon Successful!!

USPS EPF Version: x.xx.xx

File Details
key                 :  40876
status             :  Downloaded
size                :  4188160
code              :  NCAD
name             :  NCOALink daily delete text file.
fulfilled           :  20xx-04-27
modified         :  20xx-04-27
fileid               :  2751638
filename         :  dailyDeletes_txt.tar
UPDATED:  November 9, 2017