How to use the "Nearest Tile Server Level" command MapInfo Pro 15.0 32-bit and 15.2 64-bit

The "Nearest Tile Server Level" command can improve the appearance of Bing Imagery within MapInfo Pro 15.0/15.2
by ensuring that the imagery appears at the optimal zoom level.

From the Pro 15.2 online Help:

Nearest Tile Server Level command

What is the purpose of Nearest Tile Server Level?

To change the zoom so that the images in a tile server will be displayed at an optimal zoom level. Based on the tile server and current screen resolution, the optimal zoom will be calculated.

How do I access Nearest Tile Server Level?

  • On the MAP tab, in the Navigate group, click Zoom To, and Nearest Tile Server Level.
  • Right click on the tile server map and select Nearest Tile Server Level.

From the Pro 15.0 online Help:

Changing the Map Zoom to the Nearest Tile Server Level

Based on a selected zoom level, a tile server provides various types of information. In MapInfo Pro,  zoom on a tile server layer to any specified scale. In doing so, the tile server images may stretch making them appear fuzzy and pixilated. To correct for this,  select to display tile server images at an optimal zoom level based on the tile server and current screen resolution. This is a one-time adjustment to the current display.

To change the zoom to the nearest optimal display for the tile server image:

  • On the Layer Control window, right-click the tile server layer and select Change Zoom to Nearest Tile Server Level from the pop-up menu.

    If there are multiple tile server layers in a map, the Zoom to Nearest Tile Server Level dialog box opens where a tile server layer can be chosen.

The map redraws with a zoom to the nearest tile server layer level.

UPDATED:  August 2, 2017