How to return attribute values from GSB files in Address Broker, Geostan, Geotax and Geotax Matrix

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To fully specify output fields, logical names are paired with output field names. This pairing lets you
reference multiple data sources within a single application and control the files AddressBroker uses
to generate output. A field name–logical name pair may not exceed 32 bytes, including the null

Spatial, GDL, and Demographics fields must be fully specified using a logical name—even if you have only one source file for each data type.  Fully specified output field names are assigned to the OUTPUT_FIELD_LIST property. For example, a hypothetical application requires access to two
Spatial+ .gsb files, Counties.gsb and States.gsb. To determine which source file to use when
returning a value, a logical name is associated with PolygonName.  Any of the attribute field names from a GSB file can be returned just by including the output field name from the associated GSA file followed by the logical name for the GSB file in the OUTPUT_FIELDLIST of the abserver.ini.

NOTE: You must provide logical names for Spatial+, GDL, and Demographics output fields even
if you are not using multiple data sources.

UPDATED:  April 21, 2017