Automating postage refills in SendPro Online

Products affected: SendPro® Online
You can have SendPro automatically add postage to your USPS account when the balance falls below a certain threshold.
  1. Select Settings > Postage Refills.
  2. Select I want to automatically add postage.
  3. In the Set the minimum postage threshold amount field, enter the threshold amount. When your postage balance goes below this threshold, funds will be added to your USPS account.
  4. In the Add this postage amount field, enter the amount of funds you want added to your postage balance when the threshold is reached. The minimum is $10.00. The maximum depends on your postage balance, which has a limit of $500.00.
  5. If you wish to receive an email notification when an automatic postage refill is set to occur, select the Prompt me before auto postage refill is set to occur box.
  6. If you use cost accounts, you can associate a cost account with postage refills. Select the down arrow in the Enter Cost Account field and select an account (not shown).
  7. Select Save.
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UPDATED:  August 6, 2020