How to enable MapInfo Advanced (MI Raster) functionality in the MapInfo Pro 64bit EVAL versions and what features are additionally available

Affected Version: MapInfo Pro™
For user's who download the MapInfo Pro™  EVAL version all functionality is available; including Bing Hybrid, Bing Aerial, Bing Roads and Move Map To,
for 30 days from the start of the trial.

User's who wish to test the MapInfo Pro Advanced add-on (i.e. MI Raster) in MapInfo Pro 64-bit, they can enable a 30 day trial of MapInfo Advanced (MI Raster) in the so called backstage area (Pro > Licensing > Advanced Version).

Note: Since the licensing for MapInfo Pro 15.2 and MapInfo Advanced (MI Raster) is distinct for both programs, if a user starts the 30-day trial for MapInfo Pro and then uses that program for 10 days, for example,
and THEN starts the MapInfo Advanced (MI Raster) trial, the user will only be able to use MapInfo Advanced (MI Raster)  for the remaining 20 days available in the MapInfo Pro EVAL trial period. 

Therefore user's who wish to fully test MapInfo Advanced (MI Raster) in an EVAL of MapInfo Pro, they should start the MapInfo Advanced (MI Raster) EVAL period when they start the MapInfo Pro EVAL period. 
This allows the user to use both MapInfo Pro and MapInfo Advanced for the full 30 days.
UPDATED:  August 30, 2017