StreetPro and digitized drive aisles

Products Affected: StreetPro ™
Street Pro clients have noticed that the drive aisles under streets table are digitized in the StreetPro data. 

Clients want to know what StreetPro means by drive aisles? 

Answer: The aisle data is contained on the Streets layer.

1. Why have the drive aisles been digitized and are there any values associated with these aisles that we could use to identify them? 

Answer from the StreetPro Data team:

Clients that use the StreetPro data with third party routing applications request this information.
Clients that do need the information for parking lots and access areas etc for turn information.

There is not a specific MiCode that separates these as parking (aisles) lanes.

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UPDATED:  April 21, 2017