How to remove records from the mapinfo.mapinfo_mapcatalog table

Users can use the EasyLoader tool within MapInfo Pro to delete entries in the catalog that are no longer valid. To delete entries from an existing Map Catalog:
  1. Open EasyLoader. The EasyLoader dialog box displays. If the Map Catalog is present and there are no entries in it, the Map Catalog button does not enable.
  2. In the Connection Information box, identify the connection you want to delete Map Catalog entries from.
  3. Click on the Map Catalog button, the following should happen: If there is a Map Catalog, use the Unregister tables from Map Catalog dialog box to delete obsolete tables from the list.
    User-added image
  4. To identify the entries in the list you want to delete, select the data owner from the Owner Name drop-down list and click the table or tables you wish to unregister from the Map Catalog list.
  5. Click the Unregister button. Click Close when the process has completed.
UPDATED:  December 4, 2019