Exporting tab files to KML files using the GELink tool in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
Follow these steps to export a Tab file to a KML file using the GELink tool in MapInfo Pro™:
  1. Open an object layer (Tab file) in MapInfo.
  2. Go to Home > Tools > Tool Extensions > Registered and load the Google Earth Link Tool. Note: in 32-bit versions of MapInfo Pro, this tool gets loaded to the Map menu drop-down, while 64-bit Pro loads the tool in the Tools dialog at the "Running" tab.
  3. Left click on the object layer to convert (to select one object) and Right click to select “Select All from Selection Layer” to select all the features from the layer.
  4. Go to Home > Tools > Tool Extensions > Running and right click on the GELink tool which has been loaded in step 2 and select “Export Map Image or Current Selection to Google Earth”.
  5. Select "Export selected objects (KML)".
  6. Select the output path, file name, source for the place name and choose columns to be included while exporting data to KML format.
  7. The data will be converted to KML and can be viewed in google earth or can be used in other application.
Note: The GELink tool also provides batch capability to export multiple data layers to KML format at once.

Note: for 32-bit versions of MapInfo Pro, the GE Link tool is found under the Map Menu drop-down when loaded but otherwise, the procedure is the same as for 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro.
UPDATED:  May 23, 2019