Polygons created when contouring a raster where no cells exist

Products affected: MapInfo Professional™
Version 15.2 64bit of MiPro with Advance Raster capabilities creates invalid polygons where no cells or null areas exist in the initial raster image.

When contours are created for raster images which have few or sparse cells surrounded by an area without cells or null areas, invalid polygons are being created.

User-added image

The screen shots show an area of a raster that has only one cell surrounded by no cells.  After contouring the raster to create polygons, instead of a small polygon surrounding the original, isolated cell, a polygon is drawn around the area which does not contain cells leaving a hole where the original, single cell exists.

User-added image

This has been filed as bug: MIRAST-11879.  No workaround is available.  A fix may be incorporated in v16.0 of MiPro, but has not been confirmed as of the time of creating this article.
UPDATED:  December 9, 2019