How to add or edit Global surcharges in Business Manager

Products affected: Business Manager
Note: You must have manager access rights to perform this operation.
  1. Open Business Manager.
  2. Sign in using an account that has manager access rights. (If you do not have an account with manager access rights, contact client support.)
  3. Select Parameters > Configuration > Global surcharges.
  4. From the Surcharge type menu, select the type of surcharge:
    • No Surcharge
    • Flat Rate
    • Per pieces
    • %
    • Percent + per transaction
    • Per piece + per transaction
    • Percentage + per piece
    • Percentage + per transaction + per pieces
  5. Enter the appropriate value for the type of surcharge:
    • Flat Rate
    • Per pieces
    • Unit
    • %
    • Charged back
  6. To show the amount of the global surcharge on reports, check the Charged back box.
UPDATED:  February 13, 2017