How to distinguish between SHA-1 and SHA-256 Databases in VeriMove (NCOALink & ANKLink Databases)

Product affected: Verimove™

The way to tell the difference between the SHA-1 & SHA-256 NCOALink Databases is as follows:

SHA1 – the header (dvdhdr.dat) does not contain dashes “-“; see example below…
  • 2015110612121205121200003837712512ab66 6c694318 8f0e0cf7 3e01a0ed b21f21e3
SHA256 – the header (dvdhdr.dat) has dashes “-“; see example…
  • 2016011912231216122300002847135d6bb932-f51e4af9-be1c6447-4536aa80-7c1ca3f5-
UPDATED:  January 30, 2019