How to install MapInfo Pro to display spellings in English (UK\AUS) format

Users have an option to change the spellings of text to display in English (UK/AUS) format while installation of MapInfo Pro.

The pre-requisite is the user's machine system should be using the English(United Kingdom) or English(Australia) format.

For example, if the user need to display the text in English AUS format.
To change the Region and Language Settings, users can

1. Go to Windows > Control Panel > Region and Language (in Windows 7)
2. Under Formats tab, choose the format as English (Australia)
User-added image

3. Under Administrative tab, Click on System locale and choose the Current system locale as English (Australia)​
User-added image

4. Restart the machine if prompted.
5. Run the MapInfo Pro installer and choose custom setup option
6. Click Next
7. Now choose English (UK/AUS) option
User-added image
8. Complete the installation

NOTE: The settings above should be applied before MapInfo Pro is installed.
If MapInfo Pro is already installed, users will need to reinstall MapInfo Pro to ensure that the above language/region settings are applied successfully. 
UPDATED:  April 26, 2017