Resolution and vintage of Bing imagery

Product affected: MapInfo Professional™
Bing imagery resolution and the date of the imagery or vintage varies with location and we at PB have no control over this.
Imagery resolution is typically described with terms like “two meter resolution imagery,” which means that one pixel is equivalent to two meters on the ground. The smaller the value, the higher the resolution so that one meter resolution imagery would have a higher resolution than two meter resolution, and 50cm resolution would be higher still. This is generally the range of imagery that is provided by Bing, although it varies between locations, and in many places it is worse than two meters....
Bing Maps is constantly updating imagery in new areas and updating existing areas of coverage.  Microsoft does not provide us with any specific schedule etc. concerning these updates, or a method to determine current vintage for any given area.
Imagery update information is typically available on sites like a Bing Community blog. We suggest posting a comment to a Bing Community blog to request imagery vintage information for a specific area.
    A search of the web shows there are sites available to assist in determining imagery vintage, such as:
We assume there are numerous sites like this...
(note: these are 3rd-party sites so we cannot vouch for their accuracy, availability, etc.)
UPDATED:  March 30, 2017