How to determine if it is possible to run concurrent jobs using Verimove

Operating System: Windows 
Products Affected:  Verimove
It is possible to run concurrent jobs using Verimove.  On the Windows platform, you can open separate DOS windows and run from the command line (the GUI only allows for one job to run at a time).  The FTCMD batch program can be run from the command line, but uses the GUI, so it is necessary to export each job separately and run them separately.  However, they can be run at the same time.  Please keep in mind that if using the large memory model, it will take approximately 1.7 gigs of memory.  If using the small or small enhanced, it will take approximately 500mb (which can be adjusted through the config.ini file if you want internal cass to use more memory).  However, mu.exe must run from the command line.
UPDATED:  September 4, 2017