How to modify the MIRasterPreferences.xml file to allow the import of JP2 images in MapInfo Pro Advanced v15.2.x

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™ version 15.2.x 64-bit
JP2 files can be opened in MapInfo Pro 15.0 32-bit and 15.2.x (64-bit) , but they are not supported in MapInfo Pro Advanced (also known as Raster) in ver. 15.2.x.

MapInfo Advance (Raster) v16 and higher can open that file type, and settings can be adjusted via:
Pro>Options>MapInfo Pro Raster>Preferences.

As a work around for MapInfo Pro Advance (Raster) v15.2.x , enable support for JP2 by editing the MIRasterPreferences.xml.

Here are the steps to editing the preference file:
1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\MapInfo\Raster\300\

2. Open the “MIRasterPreferences.xml”  file in any text editor, such as NotePad, Notepad++, etc..

3. In the GDAL Driver section. add the following line:
    <format desc="JPEG2000 (.jp2)" ext="jp2" GDALCode="JP2ECW" ProcessingEnabled="true" RenderEnabled="true"/>

4. Save the edit to the xml file and open MapInfo Pro. The File browser should now allow the selection of JP2 files.
UPDATED:  February 11, 2019