Restoring missing Menu and Toolbar items in MapInfo Pro 64-bit

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™
Sometimes the MapInfo Pro 64-bit interface appears "wrong" or is missing expected elements such as toolbars, buttons, menu drop-downs, etc.
The easiest way to resolve an issue like this (without uninstalling/reinstalling) is to close MapInfo Pro and in Windows Explorer, navigate to the following folder in the "Per User" settings section of a MapInfo Pro installation - the path below is for MapInfo Pro 17; adjust the PATH accordingly for other 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro:

C:\Users\<Windows login name>\AppData\Local\MapInfo\MapInfo\Professional\1700

In that folder, find and delete the following 2 files:

When MapInfo is re-started, those deleted files
(which determine how the MapInfo Pro interface appears in regards to menus, buttons, etc.)
will be recreated and Pro should launch with it's default state.

NOTE: any customizations to the quick access toolbar, etc. will be lost and need to be recreated manually.

UPDATED:  February 11, 2019