MapInfo Pro 64-bit and modifying a thematic map

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™
When user's create a thematic map in MapInfo Pro 64-bit, they frequently need to modify it.

Modifying a Thematic Map

Once a theme is created, it is likely that some change is desired. MapInfo Pro provides two ways to reach the Modify Thematic Map dialog box where a variety of settings, styles, and map legend components can be customized.

To modify a thematic map, do one of the following:

  • In the Layers or Explorer window double-click on the thematic layer to open the Modify Thematic Map dialog box.
  • In the Legend Designer window, activate the thematic map's legend with a single click and choose Modify Theme from the Content group on the LEGEND tab. (A double-click opens the Legend Frame Properties dialog box.)
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Note: For Grid themes, open the Modify Thematic Map dialog box from the Legend Designer window.

When modifying a map, a quick way to change a number of settings at once is to change the template of the current theme.

To merge a template into the current map:

  1. Open the Modify Thematic Map dialog box by double-clicking on the theme in the Layers or Explorer windows.
  2. Click Merge in the Templates group.

    The Merge a Template into the Current Theme dialog box displays with a list of the same type templates as your theme (all range of values templates, for example.)

  3. Choose the new template.
  4. Click OK to return to the Modify Thematic Map dialog box.
  5. Click OK to display the map with the new thematic template.

    The settings in this template will be applied to the theme.

The Merge feature is only available once the thematic map has been created.

UPDATED:  December 3, 2019