Inserting and removing North Arrow symbols to a mapper or layout window in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
To insert North Arrow to map window

In MapInfo Pro 32-bit, load the North Arrow via Tools Manager.
Then choose one of these methods: 
  • Use Tools > North Arrow-> Draw North Arrow and click OK in the North Arrow dialog (tool version in snapshot is 1.02)
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OR ​
  • Click the North Arrow tool button in the toolbar then click on the map to place the North Arrow wherever you wish.
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In MapInfo Pro 64-bit, from the HOME tab, first load North Arrow from the Tools > Registered tab. 

Then either
  • Double click on North Arrow from Tools > Running tab to launch the dialog (tool version snapshot is 1.03)
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  • Use the North Arrow icon from MAP (Options group)
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Note: In MapInfo Pro 16.x, and later, the North Arrow button is also found at  Map > Content > Add Map To

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Note: the North arrow can easily be added to a Layout Designer Window in MapInfo Pro 64-bit by first "Activating" the map in the Layout by either double-clicking on the map or right-clicking and choosing "Activate" - the frame of the map in the layout should then turn blue to indicate the Layout Map is now "Active".
Once the Map is "activated" and the North arrow Tool is "running", as described above, then Pro users can go to
"Map > Content > Add to Map > North Arrow" and then clicking on the desired location on the Activated Map on the layout..

To Remove North Arrow from map window

In MapInfo Pro 32-bit,
1. Go to Map> Clear Cosmetic Layer (activate the map if you using Legend Designer)
2. Click Discard on the MapInfo dialog saying "Discard all the objects in the Cosmetic Layer"

In MapInfo Pro 64-bit,
1. From the MAP tab, click "Clear Cosmetic Layer"
2. Click Discard on the MapInfo dialog saying "Discard all the objects in the Cosmetic Layer"

For a demonstration of these steps, please watch this video:

UPDATED:  December 2, 2019