Understanding the max number of records allowed in a MapInfo table

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
The max records allowed in a Native tab MapInfo table is 2 to the 31st power (2147483648).
Native tab related files (.dat, .map, etc.) have a limit of 2GB while the "extended" format tab file ("NativeX") is not bound by the 2GB file size limit.
NativeX file formats are available in MapInfo Pro 64-bit ver. 15.2 and later.

Regarding limits, the NativeX Extended format supports up to 1,000 columns, and supports UTF-8 and UTF-16 Unicode character sets.
The actual file size limit in Pro is based on the host PC's system resource availability.
This is because the file pointers have been extended to use LargeInt 64-bit integer values.    

QA testing has shown support for file sets such as PB's World Points of Interest Data set having > 13,000,000 records and .DAT files sizes > 40 GB.
UPDATED:  January 8, 2019