How to enable logging for troubleshooting in MapInfo Raster

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro™, Discover™
Steps to enable logging for MiRaster:

1. Open the registry by typing start>run>regedit.
2. Go to the registry entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MapInfo\MapInfo\Raster\200.
3. Create a DWORD "EnableLogger" and give it a value of 1.
4. Create a String Value "LogFilePath" and give it a value or path like C:\temp or some other existing folder.
5. After reproducing the error, there should be some logs captured in this file. It will be in C:\temp folder (or the folder path set in "LogFilePath") with a name similar to <Date>_Raster.log.
6. Send this file to Engineering along with Steps to Reproduce the problem.
UPDATED:  October 30, 2017