Changing units of measure in MapInfo Pro

Product Affected: MapInfo Pro™,

This article explains how to change the default units setting, when using Table > Update Column, for example,:

Here are the Unit names used by MapInfo Pro and the units they represent:

Area_Name Parameters

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The Map Window area units can also be changed. 

MapInfo Professional 64 bit > Map Ribbon > Map Options > and changing the value in the Area Units drop down.

MapInfo Professional 32 bit >Map > Options and changing the value in the Area Units drop down
  • Changing the units represented does not change the area units used by SQL Select.

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If there is a table of Parcels or Polygons open in MapInfo Pro and a user wants to calculate the area of each polygon using non default Area units, please follow the example procedure to change the unit of measure. 

1. In MapInfo Pro, open up the Polygon Map.
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2. MapInfo Professional 32 bit: Select Table > Maintenance > Table Structure 


in MapInfo Prol 64 bit: Select Table Ribbon > Table > Modify Structure

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3. Click on Add Field Button on the right, and add the Unit of Measure name, and Type as Float, Integer, or Decimal.

4. Select the Table to Update from the drop down list.

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5. Select the column to update which is the area of measure column.

6. Select Get Value From Table drop down to select the original table. 

7. Click on the Assist Button. 

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8. In the expression select In-between the quotes "sq mi" and remove sq mi and insert the unit of measure needed to be displayed in the column update. In this example the area of measure is acre.
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9.Enter the unit of measure Acre between the quotes and click OK.

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10. Select OK on the Update Column Dialog.  

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11. The browser table should appear and the column of measure should be populated.
UPDATED:  July 20, 2020