How to apply an Individual Theme based on combination of more than one column in MapInfo Professional

Product Feature: Thematics
To apply Individual thematic on a combination of 2 columns, use Expression in Step 2 of 3.
  1. Choose Individual Theme and template
  2. Click Next and use Expression from the Field drop down.
  3. Enter the appropriate syntax as shown below.
User-added image

Example Individual thematic output with Expression applied for Field using 2 columns - LOT and PLAN 

User-added image           

Please note that the expression option will not work for columns with column type "Character".
In case you would like to apply theme on more than one character column, please follow the below steps:
  1. Add a new column of type Character by going to Table>Modify Structure
  2. Update Column and use the Assist button to add the columns.
  3. Apply theme on the newly created column now.
UPDATED:  December 6, 2019