Changing a Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) signer in Verimove

Products Affected: Verimove
When changes within a company require a change to the signer for the Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) in Verimove jobs, there are two ways to change the signer's name.

1) Changes through the Verimove GUI -
  • Open the Verimove GUI
  • Select 'Tools' 
  • Select 'Options'
  • Select 'NCOA/Link'
  • Select 'Customers tab'
  • Select the customer whose PAF signer has changed and double click
  • Under the 'List Owner' section find the 'SIGNER' field and adjust accordingly.

2) Changes through a Verimove .def file
  • Open the Verimove .def file
  • Find the <Signer> tag under the <NCOACustomerDef> tag group
  • Manually edit the name for the <Signer> tag.
Once changes to the Signer field have been made, future jobs and reports will reflect the new signer's name.

UPDATED:  September 26, 2019