Understanding the MapInfo Pro 17.0.1 Release

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
In early September 2018, Pitney Bowes released MapInfo Pro 17.0.1.
This version is the first release of MapInfo Pro with the new "Global Installer", which allows a single release to install any supported language with no need for special localized versions - see the Release Notes and Installation Guide for specifics..

If MapInfo Pro 17.0 is not installed, then this link will allow users to download and install an EVAL version of MapInfo Pro 17.0.1, which can be activated when MapInfo Pro is purchased and the user is sent a serial number and access code.

If Pro 17.0 is installed, then the user would launch Pro 17.0 and go to Pro > About > Check for Updates.
This will launch the default web browser and bring the user to a page where Pro 17.0.1 can be downloaded.
The Pro 17.0.1 update will uninstall Pro 17.0 and install Pro 17.0.1.
For this reason, it is advised that users take note of their Pro 17.0 serial number and access code prior to running the upgrade.

Users who purchase Pro 17.0.1 from a Sales Rep or partner are emailed Digital River download links, along with the relevant serial number and access code to allow activation.

Previous upgrades or patches for MapInfo Pro would typically just update those specific files related to the patch or upgrade.
Due to the new Global Installer, now the upgrade is actually a full version of Pro, which explains why the download is so large, compared with previous upgrades or patches.

Here is a link to the Pro 17.0.1 documentation  - it is strongly recommended that all users reference the Install Guide
and Release Notes before running the upgrade or installation.

UPDATED:  September 19, 2018