Setting Output Table with Geocode Using Server in MapInfo Pro v17.0.1

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
The dialog for Spatial>Create>Geocode>Geocode Using Server in v17.0.1 will not allow the same "Input Table" to be set as the "Output Table" (or "Same as Input") when using a file that originates from Microsoft Access or other non-native .tab file types.

v17.0.1 introduced a new Geocode dialog under Spatial>Create>Geocode>Geocode Using Server.
The new version of the Geocode tool uses a new library to enable processes to be completed in the background while running other tasks within MapInfo Pro.

Only writable, Native *.tab or NativeX (Extended) *.tab files, can be used to store the Output Table results.

1) Save a copy of the non-native or read-only table using Home>save copy as...
Then open the new table for use within the Geocode dialog.

2) Another option with v17.0.1 would be to unload the new dialog and revert to the old dialog by going to:
Home>Tools>Running and click the icon to the right of the Geocode tool to "Unload Tool".
UPDATED:  September 11, 2018