MAIL360 Server Numbering Scheme display not showing leading 0's

Product Affected:  MAIL360 Server™
It was noticed that in the MAIL360 Server™ Numbering Scheme Display using the MAIL360 Server User Interface, it was not showing leading 0's, and a user asked if that means the serial number schemes were not setup correctly. 

Looking in the MAIL360 Server User's Guide, in the section 'Viewing the Details for a Default Numbering Scheme' a sample display shows that the first row's serial number range goes from 1-99999999.  When actually it goes from 000000001-099999999.

The first row does not show the 8 leading 0's before the '1', nor the 1 leading 0 before the '99999999'. 
Partition Serial Number Range Display
The report truncates leading 0's from both fields.   It is just how they are displayed. and does not indicate a problem.
UPDATED:  July 19, 2019