How to find your account or serial number

Locate your account or meter serial number for registering your Pitney Bowes online account from the guides below.

Rental/ Consumables (Supply Line) / Maintenance or Service: 8-digit account number can be found on your relevant invoice.

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Purchase Power™:16-digit account number can be found on your invoice

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Postage by Phone: You are unable to register using your Postage by Phone account number.  (Note: This account number typically starts with a ‘1’)

Meter Serial number: 7-digit number can be found on your Purchase Power invoice or found on the back of the meter itself.

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If you require further assistance with obtaining your Pitney Bowes account or meter serial number, you can find in this article a simple table that will help you to identify them.

Account Type table

If you require additional support, you can start a live chat with one of our agents or alternatively contact us by phone or email.

Helpful information:
•    Note that Postage by phone account or Lease agreement , cannot be used for first time registration on Pitney Bowes online account

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UPDATED:  25 April 2019