How to use the Proportional Overlap Tool in MapInfo Pro

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™
It is possible to calculate aggregates for objects in a target table (plots table for example) that overlap with the objects in a base table (a buffer for example) using the Proportional Overlap tool available in MapInfo Pro.

Example of use: 
To calculate for each plots objects, of a target table, the overlap area, with a buffer object, from the base table.
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The Buffer table must have a "surface" filled column used for the calculation, expressed in the desired unit of measurement.

Steps to follow: 
  1. Open your Buffer and Plots tables.
  2. Load the Proprotional Overlap tool via Home > Tool Extensions > Registered and click on the button User-added image
  3. Run the Proportional Overlap tool via Home > Tool Extensions > Running and double click on the tool.
  4. In the Proportional overlap window, choose appropritate tables and columns as below:
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  • From the Table to update list, select the Plots target table to which to add values resulting from the proportional aggregate calculation.
  • From the Column to update list, select an existing column in the target table to whitch to add values (in this example Overlap_surface), or select New Column to create a new column in the table.
  • From the Get values from table list, select the Buffer base table to overlap. This is the table that supplies the data for the calculation.
  • From the Calculate list, select the type of calculation to perform for the proportional overlap. (In this example Proportion Sum).
  • From the Of list, select the column in the Buffer base table to use values from for the calculation (In this example Buffer_surface).
  • Click OK to update the target table with the proportion aggregate data.
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For further information, please consult the MapInfo Online Help via PRO > Help > Search Help Topics and Get Manuals and run a search with keywords: "Proportional Overlap Tool".
UPDATED:  September 27, 2017