Creating lines from a table of points in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
There is a MapCAD tool called 'Create Polyline from Table' which be used to achieve this.

Users need to ensure that their table of points has at least three columns:
  • two columns with the x and y coordinates of the points
  • a third column containing the key/ID that indicates which group or batch the points belong in
  • a fourth column can define the polygon node sequence (node number). When using node numbers, they have to be clearly assignable to avoid incorrect results from double entries. Furthermore, when using node numbers they have to be assigned for all polygons. If node assignment is not applied, the key column will be declared as node number. In this case, datasets will be processed and assigned sequentially - screenshot below shows an example table.
User-added image
Fill in the ‘Create Polyline from Table’ dialog box so that the x- and y- coordinate columns are pointing to the correct columns and the Key points to the ID column - this allows the tool to determine the batch or group number of the line (screenshot below illustrates this).

Choose a source table at the Table drop-down..

In the example below, the same table was specified for the Target Layer, as the table contained no map objects.
If the original table contains map objects (i.e. points), then we recommend creating the line objects in a different table (Target Layer) to avoid having a table with mixed objects.

User-added image
Click OK and this will create the lines.
UPDATED:  June 25, 2019