Is it possible to combine multiple non-intersecting polygons that coexist within the same record in MapInfo Pro via a continuous line

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
A table contains multiple polygon objects combined within a single record in a table. Both of these objects do not intersect with one another, but there is a requirement for them to be joined, potentially by drawing a line between the nearest nodes of each polygon, and still coexist within the same record in the table.

Whilst it is possible to combine multiple polygons within the same or different tables in MapInfo Pro, using a combination of the Combine and Disaggregate tools, a MapBasic program would be needed to programmatically test if an object contains one or more "visually" separate polygons, to create a "visual" link between the two and re-combine them into the same record in the table. This would most definitely require packing the table afterwards.

For example:

User-added image
At present there isn't a tool provided via the basic installation of MapInfo Pro that can achieve this. Technical Support suggest getting in contact with the Professional Services team to discuss an operation such as this.
UPDATED:  October 2, 2017