How to work with MAIL360 Manager using MailStream Plus on Windows

Products Affected:  MailStream Plus™, MAIL360 Manager™
Product Feature:  Generating the IMB
Operating System:  Windows
MailStream Plus™ interfaces with the MAIL360 Manager™, allowing you to automatically number and generate either 31-digit letter mailpiece barcodes or Intelligent Mail® parcel barcodes (the latter can have various lengths). Before you use the MAIL360 Manager, it is important to understand some basic Intelligent Mail barcode concepts. For more information on the Intelligent Mail barcode, refer to the IMBOUT parameter description in Chapter 1, Parameter Reference in your MailStream Plus Guide.

Once the MailStream Plus and MAIL360 Manager products are installed, the MailStream Plus job script will need to have additional dd statements added.  The MailStream Plus parameter file will also need additional parameters added.
The MAIL360 Manager Windows installer creates a data folder and sets the G1IMBDATA environment variable to its path. It also creates a main program folder and sets the G1IMB environment variable to its path.
MAIL360 Manager Environment Variables for Windows
The MAIL360 Manager installation copies the following environment variables to your target machine:
G1IMB                         This environment variable points to the root folder for the MAIL360 Manager
                                     installation. This variable is set at nstallation time for Windows.
                                     NOTE: Do not make changes to this variable.
G1IMBDATA                 This environment variable points to the data directory for the MAIL360 Manager
                                     data files. This data directory includes:
                                      • g1imb.msg - MAIL360 Manager error/warning message file
                                      • g1imb.ds - Local serial number data set file
                                      This variable is set at installation time for Windows. Typically, you do not change
                                      this variable unless you want your local serial number dataset to reside in
                                      a different location than the default location set at installation time. If you
                                      relocate this file, you must also copy the g1imb.msg file to this location as well.
G1IMBLOG                  This environment variable points to the log file. This variable is optional on
                                     Windows. By default, the log is written to the directory defined in the 
                                     G1IMBDATA environment and is named g1imb.LOG. You may override the
                                     default location by adding a set statement for this environment variable to your
                                     .job file.
G1IMBXRF                  This environment variable points to the Mailpiece file. Add a set statement for this
                                     environment variable to your MailStream  Plus .job file and set it to the full path
                                     and file name to indicate the location to write the mailpiece file for MAIL360 Data
Using MAIL360 Manager on a Windows Platform
Follow these steps to use MAIL360 Manager with MailStream Plus on the Windows platform:
   1. Install MAIL360 Manager on your PC.
   2. To use a local numbering file that is not located in the folder pointed to by G1IMBDATA (created 
       during installation):
      a. Add a SET statement for G1IMBDATA to your MailStream Plus .bat file. This SET command
          should point to the folder where the local numbering
         file resides. This local numbering file (g1imb.ds) does not need to exist the first time you run the
         job. MAIL360 Manager can create this file for you
         (see the ML 360 parameter description in your MailStream Plus Guide).
      b. You must also copy the file g1imb.msg to this new folder. You can find this file in the folder
          specified by the G1IMBDATA variable (created during installation).
   3. Complete these parameter definitions, when/if they are applicable to your job:
      a. IMBOUT - Specify option A in position 44.
      b. IP IMB - Specify the address of the remote numbering services. This is only needed when
          position 8, Numbering Engine, of the ML 360 parameter is set to R (Use the remote numbering
          engine (MAIL360 Server)).
      c. ML 360 - Define the configuration values.
      d. ADQUAL - Define the location of any address quality indicators in your input file records.
      e. E KEY - Define the location of any enterprise keys for mailpieces in the Mailpiece file (optional).
      f. IMBCTL - Define a general control flag and creation of the Intelligent Mail barcode numbers.
      g. IMBINB - Define the location of the input file components for building the inbound Intelligent Mail
          barcode piece and the input file location to post 
          the inbound Intelligent Mail barcode piece.
      h. SRVFRQ - Define the posting frequency of the alternate service type code for Intelligent Mail 
      i. UDATAI - Define the location of user-defined data in the input record for inbound Intelligent Mail
         barcode mailpieces (optional).
      j. UDATAS - Define the location of user-defined data in the input record for the mailpiece set
      k. ZIPINB - Define the inbound Intelligent Mail barcode ZIP Code.
UPDATED:  September 15, 2020