Can MailStream Plus populate Mail.dat Field Code SEG-1123 'Barcode Verifier Indicator'

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms
SEG-1123 is “Barcode Verifier Indicator” and the Description in the Idealliance Mail.dat Standards is
“Y=Yes  N=No              (MLOCR indicator)” 

In the USPS Mail.dat Tech Specs it says- 
"Barcode Verifier Indicator     Y,N       Conditionally required      Required for MLOCR Presentation Category."

That field is only used to set the MLOCR indicator.   Since MailStream Plus™ presorting is not involved with MLOCR, MSP has no setting to populate it, and always leaves the field blank. 
UPDATED:  July 9, 2019