Retain style override information for non-visible layers in a workspace

Having trouble with retaining style override information for non-visible layers in a workspace? Here's a workaround you might find useful.

In MapInfo Pro, there is the traditional global style override that lets you change map styles for the objects in a layer. When the layer is visible and you've checked the Style Override check box in the Layer Properties dialog, then all objects are drawn using the global styles you've set, at all zooms, instead of the table styles.

Let's say you've unchecked the layer's visibility and save to a wor (workspace). Later, when you reopen that workspace and want to make the layer visible again, simply rechecking the visibility checkbox in the Explorer's layers list won't show the layer with its style overrides. They seem to be lost (they aren't, but you have to go back into Layer Properties and check the Style Override checkbox again).

There is a workaround so that when you recheck the layer's visibility check box, you *can* see the layer immediately displayed with style overrides without having to do the extra step of going into Layer Properties.

At around the time of Pro version 10.5, we added Display Style Overrides. These let you set different map styles for different zoom levels. Instead of using the traditional global style override, I suggest you try creating a Display Style Override instead.

Here's how you do it:

  • In the Map's layer list right click on the layer you want to set style overrides for. In this example I'm adding a Display Style Override to the Gridline layer:
  • From the context menu choose Add Display Override.
User-added image
  • This will automatically create a new display style override under the Gridline layer in the Layer list. If Gridline already has traditional global style overrides, the Display Style Override will inherit all those settings. It will also create the override with a 'global' zoom, meaning that the styles will be applied at all zooms.
  • Select the override in the layer list and click on its style icon. This will open a Style picker appropriate for the kinds of objects in the layer.
  • Set your override styles.
User-added image

Now, if you uncheck the visibility of the Gridline layer and save the workspace, when you reopen the workspace, rechecking Gridline's visibility will automatically display it using the display style override. 
UPDATED:  November 1, 2017