How to setup cycling data in Routefinder 5.0

Product Feature: MapInfo RouteFinder 5.0

Follow these steps to set up cycling data in MapInfo RouteFinder 5.0:

1. If you have purchased the UK network from Pitney Bowes, the dataset is one from Tom Tom which includes the Footpaths. Using version 5 of MapInfo RouteFinder, they are restricted and the user should choose avoid2 to make them accessible. Please note that this already eliminates motorways.
2. Create a new vehicle property and use the avoid2 and you will achieve your desired result.
  •       Open your Network
  •       Go to Restrictions >> Set Avoids..
  •       This tool will only work if you have specified an "Avoid Column" when creating a network
3. To use the tool you must first select one or more records from your network table. This can be done interactively on the map or through a query.
     When you have a selection, you then click the "Set Avoids" option and you will  see the following dialog:
     User-added image
The group of tick boxes will show which avoids for the link. To not use the link for a certain avoid setting, simply tick the box for that Avoid. You can also change the description for any of the items by clicking on the appropriate button at the end of each description. When you click on one of these buttons, you are prompted to enter the new name :
      User-added image
       When you have entered the new name and press OK then this is reflected on the dialog.
       User-added image
       This name will then be used in other areas of RouteFinder such as the Route Options Dialog.
       The restriction is applied immediately but they are only permanently applied to the network if you save the restrictions.

4.    Once this is done you can go to Options>Route and create a new Vehicle Properties and set the necessary Avoid
        User-added image
UPDATED:  November 14, 2017