Converting .IMG (Erdas Imagine) files to .GRD (Vertical Mapper Grid) format using MapInfo Pro Advanced

Products Affected: Mapinfo Raster ™
The Raster Convert tool for this operation only supports single banded files.
The Erdas IMAGINE .img format, however, supports both single banded and multibanded files.

When an attempt is made to convert a .img file which has multiple bands in it to a .grd file, the .grd option won't be displayed as an output option because .grd does not support multiple band data. An option is to select a single band in the .img file at a time for .grd option to display. 

Please see the screenshots below for examples of using a multibanded continuous img file to show the differences.

Using multibanded .img file. at the "Select Field Band" drop-down, "All fields and All Bands" is written. This means that convert operation will try to convert all bands in this file. Since .grd does not support more than 1 band in a single file the .grd option is not displayed.
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Example 2 :
Notice that there has been a single band selected out of multiple bands present in .img file. Once a single band is selected, option to convert to .grd starts displaying since .grd file supports single banded files."
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UPDATED:  August 24, 2018