Sending a First-Class Mail envelope on the SendPro C Lite, SendPro C, SendPro+, SendPro C Auto

Products affected: SendPro® C Lite, SendPro® C, SendPro®+, SendPro® C Auto  (2H00, 8H00, 9H00)
  1. On the Home screen, tap Envelope Printing.
  2. If you have the accounting feature enabled, tap Account and select an account.If your device's model number is 8H00 or 9H00 and if you have only a single account, once you select that account the device will remember that account the next time you start Envelope Printing.
  3. Tap Class.
  4. Tap Start Over to display a list of all the available classes.
  5. Tap First-Class Retail Metered for a First-Class mail envelope.
  6. Tap Letter.
  7. Select any special services required.
  8. Tap Apply.
  9. Place the envelope on the scale. The weight appears in the weight button on the screen. 
  10. Place the envelope or envelopes on the feed deck. Depending on the SendPro C model you have, feed the envelopes manually or tap Start to feed the envelopes.
Note: If you have previously printed any envelopes, you may get a message that transactions are being uploaded. Once the upload completes, you see the message "Transaction upload status, Upload success" with a check mark. Tap the check mark.

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UPDATED:  April 22, 2020