Changing the scale in an embedded map in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro
In MapInfo Pro you have a Layout Designer window - in the 64 bit releases of MapInfo Pro this is referred to as a Layout window - with an embedded map window.
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Before printing this map, you want to make sure tha tthe scale is set to a fixed value.
To do so you need to activate the map. This can be done in a number of ways:
  • Double-click on the frame with the embedded map
  • Hold down the Alt key on the keyboard and left click with your mouse on the frame with the embedded map
  • Right-click on the frame with the embedded map and select Activate from the Context menu.
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When the map has been activated, you can see this as the frame has a blue border and you are now working in the map. You have access to the tools and features that you can use in any stand-alone map window.
To change the scale you need the Change View feature that can be accessed via the context menu of the map.
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In the Change View dialog, change the Scale value to a fixed and rounded value. In this case I change it to "5000".
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When you click OK in the Change View dialog, the scale of the map changes and if you have a scalebar connected to your map window, you can also see the change reflected in this.
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UPDATED:  March 6, 2019