Including background / logo in rendered document in EngageOne Vault

The PDF paper stock emulation is controlled by the entries in the relevant profile for the loaded document.

In order to enable the paper stock the following should be done:

  1. Include the entries below in the relevant profile (under profiles.ini) used for ingestion of input file.
TrayMode=Numbered  (this tells Vault that the PDF paper stock to be used is multi paged)
TrayName=testback  (this tells Vault the name of the PDF file that will be used to emulate the paper stock, and this would need to be present in the resource set folder declared in the filemap, for example "ResourceSet=PitneyBowes", please note this resource set folder name should not be longer than 15 characters in length)
Tray1=1  (this tells Vault that the first page of the PDF file (Tray1), is to be displayed on page 1 of the rendered document)
Tray2=2-last  (this tells Vault that the second page of the PDF file (Tray2), is to be displayed from page 2 and onwards of the rendered document)
TrayDefault=1  (required setting)

       2. Rename the PDF, containing the logo background / logo (which needs to be rendered as a background) to testback.pdf (or whatever tray name you have declared - note this cannot be longer than 15 characters) and place it in the resource set directory declared in the profile..
       3. Restart the Vault services.
       4. Ingest the Input file.

For more information, refer section 'Configuring background for PDF output' in the Vault Customization guide.
UPDATED:  July 20, 2020