Will changing the time on z/OS affect Generalized Selection

Products affected:  Generalized Selection, MailStream Plus™, Mail360 Manager, Business Merge/Purge, EZ Case Plus,  I/O Jet, Labels Printing Plus, List Conversion, Consumer Merge/Purge 
Product Feature: General
Operating System: z/OS

If you want to advance the time on the z/OS system 1 hour and NOT do an IPL, will Generalized Selection be ok with this?
 Yes, other than date and time reporting, Generalized Selection doesn’t really care about system date or time.  It will use whatever the system returns when requesting a date and time stamp.  The software should be fine if you change the system time and do not perform an IPL. 
The same answer would apply to these software programs :
MailStream Plus™
Mail360 Manager
Business Merge/Purge
EZ Case Plus
I/O Jet
Labels Printing Plus
List Conversion
Consumer Merge/Purge
UPDATED:  May 23, 2019