Understanding how to control the display of Individual Theme layers in MapInfo Pro 17

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
How to control the display of individual theme layers in MapInfo Pro 17

Displaying Thematic Layers
Pro users can turn the display on and off for thematic layers the same way as for other map layers. All the display settings in the Layers window are also applicable to thematic layers, enabling one to set a zoom level for each thematic layer. Users can also access the Modify Thematic Map dialog box by double-clicking a Thematic layer.
Thematic layers are always drawn after their base layer. Therefore, they appear above their base layer in the Layers list, and are indented to distinguish them from other map layers.
Thematic layers are displayed in the list with this naming convention:
<Thematic type> with/by <variable-list>
The type of thematic map is noted first, followed by the list of variables used to create the map. For example, a pie thematic layer that uses commuting data is listed this way:
Pies with ComAlone, ComCarpool...
The variable list is truncated if there is not enough room to display each variable used in your thematic analysis.
Themes in the Layer Control
Individual Value, Graduated and Ranged themes are now displayed within the Layer Control.  **Ranged Themes were added in v16.
Theme Bin Control
When Ranged theme is added to a map, legend-like items called bins are displayed below the theme layer. Each of these items contain text describing the range, for example, "0 - 25", a style swatch, and a checkbox. Users can uncheck one or more of a theme's items, to turn off the corresponding theme ranges, so that they no longer display on the map.
Use this feature to selectively turn theme items ON or OFF to easily highlight only the data that one wants to draw attention to. For example, given a ranged theme showing highmedium and low range styles, unchecking the medium and low ranges, displays only the features in the high range.
Users can also click one theme item, then Ctrl-Click or Shift-Click another theme item, to multi-select them. Then if toggling a checkbox, all the selected theme items are being toggled. Users can also switch between ascending and descending order for the theme items using the Modify Theme dialog. If the order is switched, the Layers list refreshes.
For Individual Value themes, users can selectively turn bins on or off to highlight only the data that one wishes to draw attention to.

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UPDATED:  August 22, 2018