Understanding multiple entries in the City boundary table with StreetPro Display State tile data

The state tiled data is rolled up from county level data.

The reason there may be multiple entries in the data set is because some city boundaries can cross into different counties as land is acquired by the city.

This is noted in the browser for the xxCities.tab in the "A2_code" column.  

There are many instances where the official city boundary falls into multiple counties.  And, the city boundary will be split into multiple polygons that are contained totally within a County boundary.

Having the ability to display boundaries within a single county is the most common option that customers prefer and is why the data is structured in the current manner.

If multiple polygons of a city boundary need to be represented as one object, MapInfo Pro can be used to combine multiple records and objects into a single record in the browser with one map object for each city name.

For steps on combining objects see this article.
UPDATED:  March 5, 2018