Understanding the new Geocoding and GeoZone features in MapInfo Pro 17

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
MapInfo Pro 17.0 ships with new Add-in modules that deliver a much-improved experience using PB cloud services for quickly geocoding tables of addresses to create mappable tables of point objects or for generating Drivetimes  (i.e. GeoZones).

These new Add-in modules offer a much-improved experience for quickly geocoding tables of addresses or generating Drive times.
These will work with existing Spectrum servers or our new cloud services.

Each copy of MapInfo Pro will come with some free credits to get users started using the cloud services.
MapInfo Pro users will be able to sign up for a subscription for additional credits.

These two new tools in the Tool Manager are called Drivetime and Geocode and once loaded, these tools will be available in the Spatial tab in the Regions and Geocode controls.

Geocoded Addresses:
User-added image

User-added image

Each copy of MapInfo Pro will come with a promotional offer of free credits to get users started using these services, once a simple sign up procedure is completed.  

Users can also sign up for a credit “subscription” to purchase additional credits and there are multiple plans to fit different budgets.
These newly developed modules allow easy Geocoding or Drivetime (i.e. GeoZone) creation and allow users to easily check on the status of available credits.

The dialogs display available credits and the “credit cost” of the current “job” about to be run, and will even display a flag if the available credits are not sufficient. The dialogs also present a link to allow users to purchase additional credits on the spot.
These new dialog API’s streamline the Geocode/Drivetime process significantly with numerous enhancements from previous versions and allow users to set default settings.

These 2 powerful Add-ins, Geocode and Drivetime, make the process of Geocoding and the creation of Drivetimes (i.e. Geozones) extremely easy and efficient.

Here are screenshots of these new and improved dialogs:

Drivetime/Geozone Add-In (API):
User-added image

Geocoding Add-In (API):
User-added image

UPDATED:  August 26, 2019