Why polygon boundary fades for higher resolution in MapInfo Pro?

Product Affected : MapInfo Pro
Product Feature: Printing/Output/Layout
This is work as designed.
The reason behind this behavior is the applications like MS Paint will always open the image so that 1 image pixel is displayed in 1 screen pixel.
But other applications like MS Office (Word, PowerPoint) make use of the "paper" dimensions of the image.
The 96 dpi image should look like it does on-screen in both Paint and Office. But the 385 dpi image will look different in the 2 applications.
In Paint, the image will appear approximately 3 times larger.
In Office, the overall dimensions should match the original window dimensions in MapInfo Pro when you did the Save Window As.

User as recommended to use "Drag Map Window" feature to copy over the maps on Microsoft office applications.
For more information, refer MapInfo Pro User guide (Page 160) Topic "Setting Your Copy to Clipboard Preferences"

Please contact Technical Support for any issues.
UPDATED:  March 12, 2018