Understanding the enhancements to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) in MapInfo Pro 17

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™

Previous versions of MapInfo Pro 64-bit shipped with a “Quick Access Toolbar” or “QAT”, analogous to the QAT in recent versions of Microsoft Office.
The QAT allows users to easily make available their most commonly used commands and functions, and was covered in a previous MapInfo Pro Journal article.
MapInfo Pro 17.0 now adds the ability for users to create new “Mapper” and “LayoutQuick Access Toolbars (QAT) that are context sensitive and customizable like the original MapInfo Pro QAT.
This is an extremely powerful addition, as most MapInfo Pro users tend to use the same commands and functions repeatedly, and the ability to quickly access these tools can mean better maps in less time.
For MapInfo Pro 17, the popular Info Tool & Ruler have been added to the default set, bringing these commonly used tools to just a click away.   
As outlined in the MapInfo Pro Journal article above, the Map and Layout QAT’s are customized by right-clicking on the QAT at the top left of the MapInfo Pro interface:

User-added image

When “Customize Quick Access Toolbar’ is selected, the Customize interface from MapInfo Pro 16 is displayed, with the addition of new “Map Toolbar” and “Layout Toolbar” options.

Map toolbar edit dialog:

User-added image

Layout Toolbar edit dialog:
User-added image

The new toolbars are edited in the same way as the original QAT was edited allowing users to add and remove specific commands and functions from multiple drop-down options.  When OK is selected, the customization is saved automatically:
User-added image

To access the new Map and Layout QAT’s, simply right-click on the Mapper or Layout.
Right-click on a Mapper to see the new Map-specific QAT:

User-added image

Right-click on a Layout:
User-added image

These new Quick Access Toolbars for Maps and Layouts allow MapInfo Pro 17 users to easily create a customized MapInfo Pro experience that best suits their own GIS requirements and work flow, increasing efficiency and quality of output in less time.
For more specific information on the customizing any of the QAT’s in Pro 17, click on HELP in the Customize Ribbon dialog.

UPDATED:  April 10, 2018